Monday, October 27, 2008

Ars Magna #6 - "Imaginary"

A much needed interlude to my current running storyline 'Wicked Game'.

Ars Magna #6
By Ashley Corgan

He adjusted his jacket in the mirror for the fourth time in as many minutes. His appearance not quite right in these eyes, nevertheless the magician practiced another crooked grin.

“How American of you, Johann”, he told the reflection.

Running his palms over a shock of his hair, Johann spun on his heels and spied a welcome sight…

Legs that went on for miles, hips covered by his bed covers, an equally brazen bust, full pouting lips, deep green eyes and an arched eyebrow that spoke volumes.

“Gods, I love being me”, the young magician spoke as he sauntered over to the bed.

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