Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insomnia cum Wiki work

So I stayed up a bit tonight to work on the Artifice Comics wiki entries for Talisman and Ars Magna, respectively. Here is the link to the main page itself. Its a bit lacklust at the moment but free time abounds these days so I look forward to giving it the old college try.

I find it to be noble endeavour as I really detest the timeline system set up on the main artifice site. These wiki entries will be way more newcomer reader/writer friendly and allow for better explanations of concepts and creations that abound in the ACU.

Well its time for sleep. G'night boils and ghouls.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Late Night Boredom

So I got back into the swing of instant messaging, and thus I'm up late talking to yahoos on yahoo. I must note that if I was to pick one male fictional character to take to the marriage bed it'd be Grimlock. Who wouldn't want to ride a giant mechanical tyrannosaurus rex in heels and lace?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rhetorical Ponderance

I've a bit of fascination with the whole superhero/metahuman lifestyle. Not the slam-bam-thank-you-mayor part but the coping with the "having of powers and abilities beyond mortal man".

In X2 and X3 we see Bobby Drake/Ice Man "chill" Wolverine's drink and turn a fountain into a skating pond for Kitty Pryde (Juno was wonderful, Ms. Page, keep it up). In Spider-Man we see Peter Parker use his agility and "spidey-sense" to recover Mary Jane from a fall and rescue her lunch (how gentlemanly and dorky at the same time).

Also in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (thank you Eddie Izzard and Anna Faris, i love you both with all my blood-valves and chambers), the super intercourse and flying ... well... f*ck was both awkward and painful to watch, but instills in me the wonder how that would really work out. In Dark Knight Strikes Again we see a similar scenario with an aged Kal-El and Wonder Woman, where they literally moved mountains while a kryptonian pelvic thrust sent the entwined couple from the heights of the lower-edge of space to ocean floor (talk about rug burns, ouchies).

Sorry if these are random but its just bits and pieces of thoughts I'd like to get down somewhere for future explorations. Tah tah.


Well hello there, I am Ashley Corgan and welcome to the "Enigma Vestibule".

I got dragged into this blogging craze via a pair of internet degenerates, I prefer LiveJournal but apparently those are the online equivalent of a teeny-bopper diary and a Blogspot is like a garage band lyric book that eventually gets published as part of some 7 Disc "greatest hits, special limited edition" boxed set.

So here I am.


I guess a bit of rambling can be done to further elaborate on why this blog exists. I'm the current writer of the Dark Fantasy series Ars Magna @ Artifice Comics. Ars Magna is the sister title from the short stories entitled Talisman where a pre-teen girl named Sheila Torrance discovers 2 handsized statuettes that can transform into wonderfully, powerful creatures called Talismans. (Dammit all, there is a wiki entry about this somewhere. Blast it. Ah well.)

In the midst of it all I also created a third storyline to parallel Talisman and Ars Magna (here now known as T/AM), called Seraphim Wing. Where Talisman is focused on the interactions of the Talisman Mythos and humanity, and Ars Magna is focused on Magic in the Artifice Universe, Seraphim Wing is about the conflict of Magic and Technology.

So to recap:
  • Talisman = man as creator
  • Ars Magna = man vs himself
  • Seraphim Wing = man vs his creation
Thats about it for now. I think there is an interview of me being posted somewhere, I'll link to that once it hits the information superhighway. Expect my story releases to be posted up here and any tidbits and DVD-type extras to pop up from time to time.

I don't intend to neglect this blog but it'll be more of a weekly ritual than a daily diary of what cantaloupe tastes like after my boss throws a shit fit earlier that morning.