Monday, June 30, 2008

Anthology 2 - Seraphim Wing: The Becoming

An explosion of light in the cold emptiness above the world below. The entire surface of the planet awash in alien iridescence, thousands left temporarily blind and disoriented from the Administrative ranks to the lowliest Tradejack apprentice. It took mere microts for the order to be given before a flotilla of Imperial Gunships were sent to investigate.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DVD Night

So I picked up Fool's Gold and Juno from one of those Redbox deals stationed at every Walmart these days. I'm not really one to review films but I do read quite a few reviews of films before I go see them and/or rent them.

I have to say Fool's Gold didn't suck. It was alot more actiony than the trailers provided plus I got to see Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in their full tanned, sweaty, bathingsuit glory. Dee-lish.

Juno, that was a surprise. The waterworks commenced at the "Can we make out now?" line provided by Michael Cera. I defintely know I'm not ready to be a parent but I'd like to think someone out there would be willing to have a child with me and stick around after the conception. One can only hope.

Enough of that, we're all here about the writing so lets get on with this.

Apparently I shall have the honor, and infamy, to be penning a joint tale with one Mr. Jacob Milnestein. It will be a prequel of sorts for the both of us. It will be set 10 years back to the reign of the Imperial Magistrate on her homeworld and my portion of the tale will be 1 year before Lady of Shadows sets foot on the our Earth. I'll be starting this project tonight with some idea files to share with Jacob, but otherwise I'm still honing Ars Magna #4.

The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out
From ethers tragic I am born again

AM #4 is entitled "The End Is the Beginning Is The End" (Wicked Game Act I), Wicked Game being the final tale with Sheila Torrance at the forefront of my stories. It will tie up all the loose ends of previous Talisman and Ars Magna issues and set up my involvement in the post-Pacific City world of the Artifice Comics Universe.

Right now I'm kind of on the fence about writing a straight up Team Book for Artifice. I'd really love to do a great book with all the Wham! Bam! Waffle! action but there is already going to be 3 team books out before mine even sees the light of day Chessmen, New Mages, and the upcoming SHADOWS book.

My best bet would be to change the direction of the team book as everyone else is going to be serious, possibly turning this into a more free spirited, tongue in cheek "Family" book. Fantastic Four meets Lethal Weapon meets Super Bad.

I've got some character names floating around my head like "Ice Ifrit", "Justice Vanguard", "Creeping Cadaver", and "Holli Jin". A fictional city and I should be all set for a good pitch to the editors.

Also note I've been reviewed, again. Also again by Saxton Brenton who reviewed my first piece, for AC, previously. He enjoyed it apparently, which is good considering the continuity muck I had to deal with. Kudos to him.