Monday, October 27, 2008

Ars Magna #6 - "Imaginary"

A much needed interlude to my current running storyline 'Wicked Game'.

Ars Magna #6
By Ashley Corgan

He adjusted his jacket in the mirror for the fourth time in as many minutes. His appearance not quite right in these eyes, nevertheless the magician practiced another crooked grin.

“How American of you, Johann”, he told the reflection.

Running his palms over a shock of his hair, Johann spun on his heels and spied a welcome sight…

Legs that went on for miles, hips covered by his bed covers, an equally brazen bust, full pouting lips, deep green eyes and an arched eyebrow that spoke volumes.

“Gods, I love being me”, the young magician spoke as he sauntered over to the bed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Projects

Okay I have a few projects in the works for both print and for the Artifice Comics site.

First the AC stuff:

Talisman Saviour - With the conclusion of Wicked Game with Ars Magna #8, and the events leading up to "Book Of Shadows" (a 3 part British Rule/Chaos Court mini series), Talisman Saviour focuses on a handful of Talisman Hybrids that wish to protect their talisman bretheren from both sides of this shadow war between Humanithy and the denizens of the Chaos Court.

I'd say more on this but it'd give away plot points from both Wicked Game and BoS.

Next is an untitled project done jointly with Jac Milnestein about the years before and after the fall of the Imperial Magistrate. My portion will cover the rise of Cheryl Torrance as Lady of Shadows, the formation of the Apothecary Dragoon, and the beginning of the end for Imperial Alchemists.

Basically all the good stuff alluded to at the end of the coming Ars Magna #7.

Finally the Print stuff:

So far I've written a special kind of "prequel" story to an Anthology book covering the Siege Engine storyline that ran through 2001 to 2002 at Artifice Comics. Its really really short but they say it works well save for a teensy continuity error. I blame Jason for this. Naturally.

Also they're asking me to fill in a gap in the stories by writing ANOTHER prequel story to the Nation of Immigrants storyline, which is in and of itself the storyline just before The Siege Engine comes online in Pacific City. That story will be about Prentice and Demerite (aka Joseph Liebowitz), the dead guy who's spirit inhabits the body of Cheryl and British Rule's dead infant son.

And after all that I'm currently working on a novellette that deals with all the mess of dimensional hopping and conquering of the Imperial Magistrate and the Apothecary Dragoon.

Thats more its own schtick, not really an Artifice release but escaping the bounds of Superhero universes and tell some scifi/fantasy-noir tale in my own little way.

All in all it looks like its going to be a busy 2009.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ars Magna #5 - "Slither"

Act II to my "Wicked Game" storyline!

Ars Magna #5
By Ashley Corgan


The scream defiant and unmistakable.

Rule released the pink, hardened nipple from his teeth and looked into a stare of green rage.

Sheila’s forehead connected with her husband’s nose. Blood spray found purchase on her face and bare chest as he snorted in surprise and pain. Sheila Rule shoved his aching form off her frame and in the same movement a swath of shadow wrapped itself about herself, cloaking her no longer in a form hugging robe but a scarlet and onyx armor.

“I am no MAN’S WHORE!”

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ars Magna #4 - "The End Is The Beginning Is The End"

The first Act of my storyline "Wicked Game". Enjoy!
There is no television where I’ve been. No phone, no Internet, no radio. Nothing about the outside world has been made available to me. Confined for the last few years in laboratories, examination rooms, and an darkened gymnasium; my hair is longer, my body is lean and fit: taut, pale flesh pulled over toned muscle free of blemish, atrophy or decay.

But my soul…

Blackened, faded to nothing but shadow.

In isolation I am kept, prepared for what is to come by people who tell me they love me. People who wear bits of my features like a mask.

The darkness envelopes me when I am alone. My eyes go unshut but still I see nothing. The moment the technicians or masqueraders depart from my immediate presence, the shadows coalesce before my sight. The warmth of the halogen examination lamps, the barely perceptible flicker of the fluorescent lighting, turns to a muted cold and my sight gives way to dark.

The weariness that comes of timeless days allows me to welcome the comfort of slumber as it takes me and I welcome the knowledge that my eyes shut of my own accord as dreams spirit me away. In the arms of sleep I can still feel his cold, dry lips on my own. Weisz, my former master, my equal, my memory. He cannot redeem me nor love me. His heart is not my own.

My mother, dead and gone, for which I am thankful. Paul, a daydream of a daft girl. But it is is the perceived screams of Aunt Nicky and Mikey that haunt my slumber. A city died, and they with it.

My home is gone. Forever a scorched earth.

My heroes, dead. Or gone. Or both.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New email addy

Okay new contact info, people!

A new email to go with being an editor at Artifice Comics, apparently since I'm doing so much work I should get to do some more now, eh? Heh.

Anywho, a new issue to come out on Monday, thats right, now I get my own scheduled week for releases each month. Now to get cracking on the rest of Wicked Game.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heartwarming and Wombfrightening

Wizard Universe staffer Alex Kropinak rounded up his little brothers to re-enact The Dark Knight trailer. Its is simultaneously cute and insane.

Watch it here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Sophie's Choice Moment...

brought to you by Mattel and Wizard Universe.

Well it looks like I have to choose between two of my favorite cartoon characters... Huntress or the Question.

I voted for Huntress. So far the votes are going for The Question. Either way... I win.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've become a tad obsessed

... using songs as themes, and even as titles, for the stories I'm writing for artifice. Kind of a running soundtrack if the entire storyline was a 2 hour plus movie. Also I've gone and restarted a new LiveJournal, stay away from it.

You've been warned.

It'll be where I post snippets of writing considered "too hot" for Blogger.

That is all.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Anthology 2 - Seraphim Wing: The Becoming

An explosion of light in the cold emptiness above the world below. The entire surface of the planet awash in alien iridescence, thousands left temporarily blind and disoriented from the Administrative ranks to the lowliest Tradejack apprentice. It took mere microts for the order to be given before a flotilla of Imperial Gunships were sent to investigate.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DVD Night

So I picked up Fool's Gold and Juno from one of those Redbox deals stationed at every Walmart these days. I'm not really one to review films but I do read quite a few reviews of films before I go see them and/or rent them.

I have to say Fool's Gold didn't suck. It was alot more actiony than the trailers provided plus I got to see Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in their full tanned, sweaty, bathingsuit glory. Dee-lish.

Juno, that was a surprise. The waterworks commenced at the "Can we make out now?" line provided by Michael Cera. I defintely know I'm not ready to be a parent but I'd like to think someone out there would be willing to have a child with me and stick around after the conception. One can only hope.

Enough of that, we're all here about the writing so lets get on with this.

Apparently I shall have the honor, and infamy, to be penning a joint tale with one Mr. Jacob Milnestein. It will be a prequel of sorts for the both of us. It will be set 10 years back to the reign of the Imperial Magistrate on her homeworld and my portion of the tale will be 1 year before Lady of Shadows sets foot on the our Earth. I'll be starting this project tonight with some idea files to share with Jacob, but otherwise I'm still honing Ars Magna #4.

The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out
From ethers tragic I am born again

AM #4 is entitled "The End Is the Beginning Is The End" (Wicked Game Act I), Wicked Game being the final tale with Sheila Torrance at the forefront of my stories. It will tie up all the loose ends of previous Talisman and Ars Magna issues and set up my involvement in the post-Pacific City world of the Artifice Comics Universe.

Right now I'm kind of on the fence about writing a straight up Team Book for Artifice. I'd really love to do a great book with all the Wham! Bam! Waffle! action but there is already going to be 3 team books out before mine even sees the light of day Chessmen, New Mages, and the upcoming SHADOWS book.

My best bet would be to change the direction of the team book as everyone else is going to be serious, possibly turning this into a more free spirited, tongue in cheek "Family" book. Fantastic Four meets Lethal Weapon meets Super Bad.

I've got some character names floating around my head like "Ice Ifrit", "Justice Vanguard", "Creeping Cadaver", and "Holli Jin". A fictional city and I should be all set for a good pitch to the editors.

Also note I've been reviewed, again. Also again by Saxton Brenton who reviewed my first piece, for AC, previously. He enjoyed it apparently, which is good considering the continuity muck I had to deal with. Kudos to him.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ahhh The Transformers Theme

I truly am loving Black Lab's take on the Transformers Theme. It took the damn movie to make me go and do what I should have done back in my childhood, get a damn Optimus Prime toy. I was more a Tinker Toy and Lincoln Log child than a full on "pink aisle" and "tea set" girlie girl. Instead of My Little Pony it was the Etch-A-Sketch. So here I sit at my computer desk casting longing glances at my 7 inch plastic dream man.

So full on nostalgia aside, or at least partly, I find myself wanting to write a new story. I've been nursing a mad-on for some of the shit team books trade paperbacks I've perused at the bookstore. The only ones worth their salt is Volume 1 of the Ultimates and JSA. Goyer and Johns bring me joy with their runs on the Justice Society. Its why I harbor a bicurious longing for Power Girl, its not the breasts is the brain matched with brawn.

So down this line of thinking, and full access to the Artifice Comic's universe I've been "jonesing" to write a team book. While, as I've already lambasted dearest Jacob about the post-modern/grim and gritty/mystic punk-silver age homage that is Artifice I'd like to write some non-fucked up characters. So I proposed a series idea that'd begin at the very end of my tenure writing Talisman and Ars Magna. (Yes, I want the series to end properly not drag it on. I'm only human.)

Right now its only purely a concept but I plan on taking a handful of characters and. instead of carving a niche out for them ala AM/SW, plopping them right in the middle of a Post-Pacific City world. As a nod to the Ultimates and JSA its a team consisting of my takes and amalgamations on various archetypes. There will be a: Doc Savage/Captain America, Mr Fantastic/Flash, Dr Fate/Power Girl, and a type of Steampunk-Optimus Prime.

Yes this idea is another spawning from the whole Talisman mythos but its more of a classic take on heroes. Sure they'll have problems and issues but like Captain America displaced, as the team will be coming from a Pre-WW2 period. They won't be familiar with computers, nazis, civil rights, but they will have an unspoiled mindset of right and wrong.

It probably won't see the light of day until winter but I'm psyched for it, kind of a goal to help me realize nothing is over yet for me with Artifice. I like it here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ars Magna #3

Here is my debut release in the ongoing series I've taken over:

Sheila had heard her mother’s over-dramatic screams in the past. Spoilt, shrill, nigh-inhuman screeches that were normally directed at the various passengers of Celia Torrance’s carousel of romance. Dirtbag boyfriends or fuck buddies who, more often than not, would either embarrass her publicly or invariably be caught stealing from the Torrance household in some manner.

Paul being the latest and longest lasting rider was neither a deadbeat or social oaf thus Sheila could assume one of two things:

1. Her mother’s legs have been spreading while Paul is gone at work


2. Celia was about to die.

Sheila assuming the latter, but almost hoping for the former, buried her face into her pillow and ventured back into sleep.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So Seraphim Wing got reviewed, apparently, on the rec.arts.comics.creative USENET group by two reviewers.

One, by Tom Russell, reviewed the preview thinking it was the entire story for some reason. He picked it apart piece by piece too. Of course I graciously thanked him for even reviewing what he did and pointed out the story was much longer.

Another review, this time by Saxon Brenton, summarized the story, plugged artifice, and then went on to contemplate getting me into some kind of contest or awards thing. I'm not entirely sure if that should count as a review.

Now, as I'm more a nocturnal creature of habit, I'm off to find solace in a slice of pizza and a diet pepsi and lament the fact I forgot my headphones and being unable to dream little dreams.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Anthology 2 - Talisman: Harlequin Novelty

My 2nd endeavour for the artifice comics banner:

Anthology2 #53
By Ashley Corgan

In what is commonly referred to as the ‘Enigma Vestibule‘ by the Apothecary Company, a massive room filled with dark-haired adolescents toil over vats filled with various solutions and meticulously sculpt and shape various material on spartan work benches. Others stand, stone still as they grind gritty materials with a porcelain crucible in one hand and make minute movements with their silver pistils with the other.

Every so often a quiet sob would cause the entire room of young women to lament and wail the names of their beloved friends and partners. Their very tears mixing into the liquids and powders of their trade. A klaxon sounded after one such fit, and with such a quickness most of them dove to the cold floor, save for two.

Both sported an eye patch, covering opposite deformities, one missing the left and the other missing the right ocular orb. Their eye patches nothing more than a small swatch of leather with a matching black thong to hold it to their skull. In rushed a handful of armored dragoons. Each helmeted minion carrying not rifles as their infantry counterparts sport but rather a single long slip of parchment bearing a striking sigil with a brief script scrawled beneath it in curiously, scarlet ink.

Each of their green eyes watched as the soldiers formed a semi-circle before them.

“8695554 and 287421 cease all unsanctioned activity at once,” the middle dragoon commanded, the parchment held stiffly between the fingers of her gloved hand.

The girls grinned dual empty smiles, devoid of teeth.

The unit stepped back in unison, holding true to their semi-circular formation, although one at the far end gagged at the sight.

“I warn you once more 869554 and 287421,” the officer’s voice squeaked out the designations with a once lost girlish tone.

The two bowed deeply and a quiet pop echoed in the silence.

“Ghastly,” said the dragoon that gagged.

The girls snapped up to attention and removed their eye patches to bare their eyeless sockets defiantly at their oppressors.

A dragoon shuddered, briefly, “I’m gonna hurl, 771284.”

the two eyeballs rolled about on the floor, weaving their way to within inches of the feet of the dragoon officer. The outer surface seemed to harden, and then crack, little green licks of flame poking out of the growing openings in the once eye-like casing.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh its absolute crap

So I recently decided to concede to the growing banal urge of being a writer for a public forum and went to task to read my unedited scribbles that I sent Mr Matt, Jac, and Jason. And wow, Talisman: Harlequin Novelty is crap. I don't like it one bit. I really don't.

As much as I enjoy being hen-pecked by a practiced editor, seeing my unedited work and wondering why a writer like Jacob could find any measure of pleasure from reading this dreck is beyond me. Must be the lack of fluoride in UK drinking water.

Le sigh.

I've gotten into the habit of "torrenting" and am catching up on Tengo Tenge, Spaced, and Day of the Dead. An anime series about street toughs and buxom samurai, a britcom featuring the minds and bodies of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and a remake of a passable Romero sequel. I greatly dislike Television unless its encapsulated in DVD form or easily digestible simple mkv files.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insomnia cum Wiki work

So I stayed up a bit tonight to work on the Artifice Comics wiki entries for Talisman and Ars Magna, respectively. Here is the link to the main page itself. Its a bit lacklust at the moment but free time abounds these days so I look forward to giving it the old college try.

I find it to be noble endeavour as I really detest the timeline system set up on the main artifice site. These wiki entries will be way more newcomer reader/writer friendly and allow for better explanations of concepts and creations that abound in the ACU.

Well its time for sleep. G'night boils and ghouls.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Late Night Boredom

So I got back into the swing of instant messaging, and thus I'm up late talking to yahoos on yahoo. I must note that if I was to pick one male fictional character to take to the marriage bed it'd be Grimlock. Who wouldn't want to ride a giant mechanical tyrannosaurus rex in heels and lace?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rhetorical Ponderance

I've a bit of fascination with the whole superhero/metahuman lifestyle. Not the slam-bam-thank-you-mayor part but the coping with the "having of powers and abilities beyond mortal man".

In X2 and X3 we see Bobby Drake/Ice Man "chill" Wolverine's drink and turn a fountain into a skating pond for Kitty Pryde (Juno was wonderful, Ms. Page, keep it up). In Spider-Man we see Peter Parker use his agility and "spidey-sense" to recover Mary Jane from a fall and rescue her lunch (how gentlemanly and dorky at the same time).

Also in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (thank you Eddie Izzard and Anna Faris, i love you both with all my blood-valves and chambers), the super intercourse and flying ... well... f*ck was both awkward and painful to watch, but instills in me the wonder how that would really work out. In Dark Knight Strikes Again we see a similar scenario with an aged Kal-El and Wonder Woman, where they literally moved mountains while a kryptonian pelvic thrust sent the entwined couple from the heights of the lower-edge of space to ocean floor (talk about rug burns, ouchies).

Sorry if these are random but its just bits and pieces of thoughts I'd like to get down somewhere for future explorations. Tah tah.


Well hello there, I am Ashley Corgan and welcome to the "Enigma Vestibule".

I got dragged into this blogging craze via a pair of internet degenerates, I prefer LiveJournal but apparently those are the online equivalent of a teeny-bopper diary and a Blogspot is like a garage band lyric book that eventually gets published as part of some 7 Disc "greatest hits, special limited edition" boxed set.

So here I am.


I guess a bit of rambling can be done to further elaborate on why this blog exists. I'm the current writer of the Dark Fantasy series Ars Magna @ Artifice Comics. Ars Magna is the sister title from the short stories entitled Talisman where a pre-teen girl named Sheila Torrance discovers 2 handsized statuettes that can transform into wonderfully, powerful creatures called Talismans. (Dammit all, there is a wiki entry about this somewhere. Blast it. Ah well.)

In the midst of it all I also created a third storyline to parallel Talisman and Ars Magna (here now known as T/AM), called Seraphim Wing. Where Talisman is focused on the interactions of the Talisman Mythos and humanity, and Ars Magna is focused on Magic in the Artifice Universe, Seraphim Wing is about the conflict of Magic and Technology.

So to recap:
  • Talisman = man as creator
  • Ars Magna = man vs himself
  • Seraphim Wing = man vs his creation
Thats about it for now. I think there is an interview of me being posted somewhere, I'll link to that once it hits the information superhighway. Expect my story releases to be posted up here and any tidbits and DVD-type extras to pop up from time to time.

I don't intend to neglect this blog but it'll be more of a weekly ritual than a daily diary of what cantaloupe tastes like after my boss throws a shit fit earlier that morning.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Anthology 2 - Seraphim Wing: Doomsday Clock

Out on Artifice Comics, which is not only my first piece to be published on the site but also the first piece published in over a year (sad really as there is quite a bit to be absorbed that was written over the early half of this decade).

The pressure of millions of gallons of water crushing against Schezerade’s control cabin was resounded by warning lights flaring to life, sparks pelting her hot skin, and ozone pervading her nostrils.

Her mind panicked, reeling with apocalyptic flashes.


Cramps wracked her insides as a defiant roar of adrenaline cut a burning trail through her arteries and veins.

I’m gonna die… and I’m gonna take this bastard with me.

She jammed a neural remote into the small cavity at the base of her skull before triggering the EVS of her skinsuit. Her entire form quickly enveloped by a nigh impervious nano-weave.

Helrot pumped one of his armor’s mechanized, ebony fists into the air. “I’M THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ MAN!!”