Monday, February 25, 2008

Anthology 2 - Seraphim Wing: Doomsday Clock

Out on Artifice Comics, which is not only my first piece to be published on the site but also the first piece published in over a year (sad really as there is quite a bit to be absorbed that was written over the early half of this decade).

The pressure of millions of gallons of water crushing against Schezerade’s control cabin was resounded by warning lights flaring to life, sparks pelting her hot skin, and ozone pervading her nostrils.

Her mind panicked, reeling with apocalyptic flashes.


Cramps wracked her insides as a defiant roar of adrenaline cut a burning trail through her arteries and veins.

I’m gonna die… and I’m gonna take this bastard with me.

She jammed a neural remote into the small cavity at the base of her skull before triggering the EVS of her skinsuit. Her entire form quickly enveloped by a nigh impervious nano-weave.

Helrot pumped one of his armor’s mechanized, ebony fists into the air. “I’M THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ MAN!!”